First Friday Denton is on the first Friday of every month, and is significant because that is the day when artists and artisans in the business district surrounding the Denton County Historic Courthouse on the Square open their doors for visitors and patrons to visit and see them at work, browse and perhaps buy a unique piece of art, jewelry or a myriad of other art objects – for yourself or someone special. And First Friday also offers patrons a chance to visit their favorite restaurants and businesses that have extended First Friday hours, so come to First Friday ready for music, art, books, coffee and great original foods.

The very nature of the business of art in Denton often means artists and their galleries keep unusual hours to take the facts of daily life into account, and we’ve all been frustrated to find our favorite gallery unexpectedly closed. The First Friday of every month in Denton, Texas, is a day you can count on the participants here to be open for business in a friendly and casual atmosphere found only in the laid back world of Denton, Texas.


As of February 2012, we are two years into the premiere ongoing monthly event in Denton, Texas! First Friday Denton has come a long way, and we have a long way to go. With a grass roots core of participants, and no funding, it continues to be an interesting ride. FFD is always looking for creative help, and there are lots of areas for expressing yourself / your art in behalf of FFD’s artists.

In the past two years, the event has grown to be more inclusive, and we now have a small hand in joining artists and musicians with First Friday venues that want one night of art or music in their locations. It has worked quite well, and continues to be a conduit for creative people to mingle and appreciate each other’s work.


Wow! There’s a lot of time that has gone by since 2010, and not only is First Friday Denton still here, the entire scene in Downtown Denton, Texas, has changed immensely over these past eight years. The changes are absolutely beyond most old local’s imaginations. While the paid employees of the City of Denton struggle to satisfy the demands of a burgeoning population Downtown – 365-days-a-year, we concern First Friday with a mere twelve of those days. FFD has been through some gyrations of seeing what, and who, works as a part of those gyrations, and we are settling on an aging workforce that does its best to keep the site from being hacked by evil doers and keep the face and content fresh for each and every First Friday of the calendar year. This year, 2018, shows the event to have taken on a life of its own now, and the words “First Friday” are synonymous with Denton and their monthly celebration of the day.

The original goals, set forth by the founder, remain the same – to expose Denton artists, artisans, musicians, and all participating businesses to the growing population of North Texas that craves extraordinary experiences, experiences that challenge the mind, and can challenge the tastebuds!

One goal remains: To continue to grow, expand and bring a bigger more varied First Friday experience in the years to come.