August Melts Into September

August Melts Into September

We have survived an historically hot summer, and now it’s time to get in the September swing of things. Certainly, some participants have merchandise that may be a little too cold for this September’s First Friday, but the event goes on as usual, as always.

Anyone who is interested in participating in First Friday Denton should fill out the contact form and I will add you to the site as soon as possible. If you want to get listed or make announcements regarding this First Friday September 2, deadline for that is midnight Wedensday before First Friday.

I also want to give a soft shout out to Etsy Denton! Are you ready to be paired with locations that could feature you and your work for one evening a month in the heart of Denton’s most important retail district? I would also like to hear from the Etsy Denton folks because I am considering spearheading an effort to create a temporary “Denton Guerrilla Christmas” retail location, but we’re going to want some precursory participation in FFD’s first. If I can get enough participants, I will work on the location for a grand opening Black Friday, and running through January 1, 2012.

I will be roaming around participating First Friday Denton locations this Friday, so if you see me just say “CHEESSSSE!” I need still photographs and video clips from participating locations this First Friday, and every First Friday – via iPhone, e mail or however you can get it to me.

Thanks, and let’s have some fantastic First Fridays this fall!

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  1. I am not currently a member of Etsy Denton (I haven’t been stocking my Etsy shop over the summer); however, I am very interested in partnering with a downtown retail location on First Fridays. And Denton Guerrilla Christmas? Yes, please. I would be first in line to participate.

    I am a member of the Denton Community Market and set up my booth every Saturday I don’t have morning family obligations (soccer, travel, etc.).

    Looking forward to hearing from you and maybe seeing you tonight!!

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