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First Friday Tomorrow – The Ghost Note

First Friday Tomorrow – The Ghost Note

Be sure to check out The Ghost Note’s last First Friday event of the year!

Join us for the last First Friday of the year!

• Get upstairs for the drum shed. All levels and styles welcome.

• Free 5-minute lessons on the Square.

• Make is an offer! Deals on select items in store.

Complimentary Beer provided courtesy of Bearded Monk (21+).

This event is free and open to all ages!

Visit The Ghost Note Website – CLICK – The Ghost Note

Find The Ghost Note on Facebook – Facebook The Ghost Note

A Creative Art Studio goes Steampunk this First Friday

A Creative Art Studio goes Steampunk this First Friday

design bridesmaid dresses onlineJoin us for a special Steampunk edition of First Friday Denton on Feb 7th, 2014. Our featured art of the evening include metal sculptures by Daren Fagen, Beaded jewelry by Terri Richards and Steampunk jewelry by Debbie Waldrop. Daren, Debbie and Terri will be on hand to talk about their art and do some demonstrating of some of their techniques.

Our music starts at 7 with the sounds of singer/ songwriter, Daniel Ziegler followed at 7:45 by The New Rainbows. Daniel’s music is from the heart and his lyrics are inspired by nature and his surroundings. He performs in a variety of styles: from rock to acoustic performances and teaches songwriting as well as guitar. The New Rainbows are an eclectic group composed of the very accomplished Alyse Hashi on flute and Robert Hokamp on guitar.

Bailey Parrish, our “dollar a minute” sketch artist will be on hand to draw your portrait. The average portrait time is about 20 minutes. We will have our community art project which will also have a Steampunk twist. Feel free to dress in steampunk theme. Think Victorian meets industrial age meets Wild Wild West and sprinkle on a little Star Trek borg.

Grab that aviator hat with goggles, vest and bowtie, corset or top hat and come on down to the studio. Best Steampunk Costume wins $20 gift certificate from the studio. (Note: You don’t have to dress up to attend.) Grab a friend and come join the fun.

A Creative Art STUDIO celebrates March First Friday with Guitars and Photography

A Creative Art STUDIO celebrates March First Friday with Guitars and Photography

First Friday Denton March 1, 2013 small

Spring is almost here and A Creative Art STUDIO is hearing music in the air. Guitar music to be exact. This First Friday we celebrate the noble Guitar with three Guitarists from the Metroplex. Starting at 7:00 we present Denton’s own Doug Raney.
Doug has been playing the guitar for 40 years and indicated that his own musical influences range from the amazing flamenco of Paco de Lucia to the lightning-fast flat picking of Jerry Reed; from the classical wonders of John Williams to the street savvy blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Following Doug, Fort Worth, Texas-based solo acoustic guitar master Darrin Kobetich will perform. He classifies his sound as “ambient delta raga thrash grass,” but that’s just scratching the surface. Originally from Long Island, New York, Darrin grew up listening to a lot of music, (including bluegrass, Italian and Greek music, rock ‘n’ roll) and has been playing the guitar since the age of 12. Mark Brandt, Dallas resident, also joins the line – up. Mark first picked up a guitar at the age of 13. Two decades later, armed with a diverse array of influences and experiences, he’s writing music that resonates with passion,
aggression, beauty, and an undeniable flow of energy.
Photographer, Lily Mirsky, is the featured artist of the month. Originally from Riga, Latvia, she came to the USA in 1980 to pursue her dream of living in a free country. She feels that the art of presenting the beauty of the world through the eye of the camera has unlimited potential.
Each month the studio provides a community art project for all to work on. This month a mosaic will be created using small pieces of colored glass and other materials. Artist demonstrations will also be taking place at the studio. Grab and friend and join the fun at A Creative Art STUDIO.

Welcome The Dojo to First Friday Denton

Welcome The Dojo to First Friday Denton

As if First Friday Denton was not already the most original event to come along in the history of Downtown Denton retail, we now have the The Dojo added to First Friday participants.

This from Jack Bieler of The Dojo –

“The Dojo is kind of a martial arts cooperative, with three groups representing our separate traditions. John Ray teaches Eishin-ryu Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) and is directly connected to the Chiba Dojo and the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Seitokai organization in Japan. Gregg Webber teaches Uechi-ryu Karate and is a member of the Uechi Ryu Kenyukai organization in Kadena, Okinawa. Jack Bieler teaches two arts, Tomiki-ryu Aikido and Shindo Muso-ryu Jodo, and is a student of Kaminoda Tsunemori, head of the Nihon Jodokai, in Tokyo. All of us consider what we do to be true art forms, not competition driven or profit motivated.

The last two months we have had special informal practice sessions on First Friday, with all three groups participating and an open door policy for visitors. The dojo websites are and

First Friday Denton is the original monthly event created to highlight the diverse business, music, art and restaurant scene in Denton, Texas. First Friday also acts as a conduit for individual artists and musicians to contact venues interested in hosting them for First Friday events.