December First Friday Denton in the History Books

December First Friday Denton in the History Books

We close the door on First Friday Denton for the year 2010. Of course all our participants pick up where we left off on the First Friday in January, the 7th. to be exact. February will mark the one year anniversary of First Friday Denton, and you can bet someone will be throwing a party for February’s double good First Friday.

There is still plenty of time left on the calendar for members of First Friday Denton to post any extracurricular sales or events leading up to Christmas 2010. So, if you have extended holiday hours, or any other special events, feel free to either post them in a “comment” to this post, or send the details and I will run them as they arrive.

As always, I am seeking any paparazzi style images from December’s First Friday Denton, and would love to get images from members all the time.

Thanks to all that participated in December, and all of you who continue to participate as we head toward the anniversary and beyond. I am still looking for help behind the scenes, behind the curtain so to speak, so if you have skills in advertising art, or anything else you think would be a benefit to First Friday Denton, please contact us.

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