First Friday Denton; Coolness on the Heat Island

First Friday Denton; Coolness on the Heat Island

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Summer is here, wouldn’t you say? That’s the way North Texas rolls. We had “one of those” winters, and now the thermometer skipped right through spring, okay maybe two weeks of spring, and it is summertime Denton style.

Locals know that Denton summers are something to be treasured, as things change pace, and settle down just a bit from the hectic pace of having, what, 45-thousand students running the streets. As an old man from Celina, Texas, once told me, “Denton wouldn’t a made a town, except for them schools,” and that is so true.

Nowadays, we welcome so many new residents to Denton that are not students though! The City is taking on a larger life of its own now. The Historic Downtown Square is crowded all the time, and the sounds of new rooftop bars waft, and bounce all around the air of the Square.

These are fantastic times here in Denton, Texas, a wave has finally hit here, and First Friday Denton is certainly riding that wave all the way in.

If you are a forward thinking business, and want to be a part of the First Friday Denton scene, feel free to contact me by filling out the contact page on this site, and I will respond ASAP. Or, you can also call me here in Denton at 380-0408. Not only will I answer, if you decide to become part of First Friday Denton, I will come out to your business and do a feature and photography for your listing on the site. Someone else once said, “Nothing any good was ever free,” but they were wrong. It won’t cost you a dime to become part of the FFD scene – and all businesses are interested in taking advantage of the longest running retail event the City of Denton has had in this century – are welcome!

And if you are already part of the FFD event, be sure to get your announcements in to us right away! First Friday is just two days away.

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