First Friday Denton Texas July 2

First Friday Denton Texas July 2

Can you believe it? It’s First Friday Denton again already, and I had a wonderful report from Robin Huttash on last month’s event that never made the light of day. I will run it if I can find it … with family retirements, visits and all … the cracks it fell through this month were bigger than usual.

Nevertheless, Robin, at A creative Art STUDIO, did come through again with information on this summertime First Friday Denton.

Hi Guys. I just completed a three day watercolor workshop and an so excited about painting. Tired, but still excited about art. Hope everything is going well. Just wanted to let you know the info about First Friday for A Creative Art Studio.
Next week we will again have music from 7-9. Polly Maynard will be playing. I am attaching a flier for the First Friday website. Let me know if you guys ever want to get together to plan.
Take care.

Also, Did you know the Wine Safari has moved and will be changing their name to The Cellar. They will reopen down by Dan’s (Silverleaf) Bar.

– Thanks again Robin, and everyone involved with First Friday Denton appreciates your reporting. –

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