First Friday Denton Welcomes Heather Gregory

First Friday Denton Welcomes Heather Gregory

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Please join me in welcoming a new face aboard here at the First Friday Denton organization, Heather Gregory of SCRAP Denton.

Heather made her presence and capabilities clear to me recently, and was willing to take on some of the responsibilities that were either too great, or unaddressed by my being spread a bit thin these days. With her fresh ideas, we will be implementing some overdue refinements to the FFD event, including adding participants committed to participating and eliminating those who have not participated in FFD events, or do not plan on participating in FFD events, but are still listed on the site.

Chances are pretty good that if you are a business within the geographic range of participation in First Friday Denton, you already know Heather, or will get to know her very soon.

I can’t begin to tell you how important the December event will be, and the fact that it converges with the Holiday Lighting Event will serve as a multiplier of traffic December 6th. It makes being a FFD participant, getting listed and participating something you, as a business owner, need to do immediately.

If you are interested in participation, year-round, in First Friday Denton events, you now have three people to address your interests. Myself – Shannon, Robin of A Creative Art Studio and Heather of SCRAP Denton. Our preferred method of contact is still the CONTACT page, but you can contact me by going to the “Personnel” page and see the details there.

I am currently working on a new form, not an application, for those interested in First Friday Denton participation, and it outlines how the event works best for you as well as how it works best for patrons. The document is still being honed, but it also includes valuable (and free) information on how to use the FFD event, publicity, and social media to help you continually build your business and visibility beyond monthly FFD events.

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