First Friday of Fall

First Friday of Fall

Okay, maybe it’s not really “fall” but it is the fall semester at both of Denton’s universities, and we who existed on the Denton heat island, are glad to have students back in town, out and about.

I am looking for full-court participation this fall from all vendors listed on the site, and I am also out and about pressing the flesh with new businesses that could be a part of First Friday Denton’s future. The net is wide, and if you are a business looking for a leg up, First Friday Denton is the original event created to bring all the best elements of Denton together for one night a month to celebrate all that makes Denton, Texas, what it is.

New businesses sprouted on the landscape last spring, and if you were away for the summer, they grew into full fledged going concerns through the summer (it didn’t used to be that way). Check out Rusty’s Tacos. Check out Denton Camera Exchange. Denton is certifiably a year-round town now, and for those of you who abandon in the summer, I can finally say, “You’re missing something!”

For those of you looking for something fresh to do this Friday, First Friday Denton is it. For those of you with businesses who like to do business, First Friday Denton is it. Contact us and we will be glad to list you on the First Friday Denton website. It still doesn’t cost one thin dime, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the traffic that comes your way.

Don’t forget about Taking The A train from wherever you are to Denton, Texas, this First Friday. The A Train is your ticket to a good time, and leaving the driving to the engineer. Think about it.

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