First Friday Rolls on Through a Denton Summer

First Friday Rolls on Through a Denton Summer

Denton’s sleepy summers are legend, and this one’s about half over already!

There’s no doubt there is a bigger spring in Denton’s step when all 47-thousand of UNT and TWU’s students are present and roaming our stores, galleries, restaurants and related services. It’s all just bart of the ebb and flow of Denton though, and you can’t have one without the other.

We are working on some new venues for artists and groups of artists who want to show work for First Friday events, but a lot of the contacts are away on vacation. So, hang in there if you are one of the groups, or individuals looking for a venue … these things are simmering just like an egg on a sidewalk around the Square.

First Friday always welcomes follow up reports on who came by their location on First Friday, and how things went from their perspective. Eventually, we hope to have a social post after each First Friday of all your photographs from your location’s First Friday Denton event. Here are some from A Creative Art STUDIO.

First Friday July at A Creative Art STUDIO

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