Robin Huttash – Photo Shannon Drawe

Robin Huttash – Robin’s business, A Creative Art STUDIO, came into existence about the same time that First Friday Denton took shape. Somehow, Robin was the first and foremost business owner who recognized the value of the First Friday Denton event, and she has used the event the way it is supposed to be used – month after month – textbook perfect. She is a natural part of the First Friday Denton organization, and someone you want to talk to if you can’t figure out how to make it work for your needs.

Robin first came to Denton to attend school at what was then called North Texas State University. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Education and later returned to both Texas Women’s University and University of North Texas to add certifications and get her Masters of Science in Land and Water Resource Management. She also studied enameling at University of North Texas under Harlan Butt. After 27 years working in Denton ISD as a both a teacher and diagnostician, she decided to make art her full time career. Robin is an artist and craftsperson devoted to creating art that is both functional and beautiful and believes that art is anything that expresses the emotion or beauty of life. She is passionate about glass, and has been working with anything “glass” for over 30 years. 
Her introduction to glass began with an apprenticeship at a stained glass studio in Denton where she learned the basics of working with stained glass. She has taught stained glass classes in both Tiffany and Leaded stained glass, fused glass and glass mosaics through mini courses at University of North Texas. Having always been interested in the environment, inspired by the beauty of nature and the symbolism involved in the Celtic culture, those themes are present in many of her creations. Her goal is simply to create a piece of art that she enjoys and hope that others will enjoy as well. 

Robin also paints with oil, acrylic and watercolor and comments that her philosophy of art has changed somewhat since she began painting. “While I have always looked at stained glass as a very precise, exact art, painting is a medium which is very liberating. It will be interesting to see how this liberating feeling affects my glasswork and how the two mediums can be combined.” Opening the studio on Oak street has been a life long dream and an opportunity to have an art community. ” I guess I have always had a love affair with the square and I am so lucky to have a business in the downtown area.” Moving her home business Glass Garden Studio to a more public venue is a positive change. “Sometimes art can be a solitary career and the new studio setting provides the opportunity to continue teaching and meet with other artists and share ideas, techniques and the love for art.” Her business slogan is “Putting Art in the Heart of Denton” and she is doing just that. In May, 2013 she was recognized by the City of Denton and North Central Texas College Small Business Development Center for providing art and business opportunities in Denton.


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Shannon Drawe – I started First Friday Denton with a few clicks on this old keyboard. It just seemed to me like Denton, and the creative businesses that inhabit the Downtown Denton area, could use a shot in the arm – an event that would bring more exposure to their awesome talents – on an ongoing basis. First Friday Denton is not the original “First fill in the blank” event. I had heard of these kinds of events, and when my wife brought one in Athens, GA, to my attention, I felt like it was too good an idea to let go. So, rather than slowly grind through government channels, I simply launched this site and hit the pavement. I didn’t see a profit motive in this for myself, and if someone else does, please fill me in on that – because I still don’t see it.

I am a professional photographer living in Denton, Texas, and working across Texas and multiple states. My website is www.shannondrawe.com.

HISTORY – I lived on the Square in Downtown Denton during some dark times. I moved onto the Elm side of the Square in 1994. I sat on the Courthouse lawn one night wondering if the fire on the Elm Street side would take that entire block. There was little foreshadowing of what was to come when I left the Square in the summer of 2003. Those were different times from what we have in late 2013. Now, the Square is on a solid upswing. A geographic shift from Fry Street to Downtown Denton, along with continued efforts by the Denton Main Street Association, seem to have generated changes that will not soon be undone. First Friday Denton is a natural addition to what makes Denton the place to be in North Texas, and I am very proud to be a part of that.

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