SCRAP Denton Has Several Artists First Friday of 2018

SCRAP Denton Has Several Artists First Friday of 2018

Scrap Denton

Come to SCRAP Denton’s Inaugural Artist in Residence Show on Friday, January 5th from 6-8pm!

Artists Jess Tarr, Brittany Shaban, and Cynthia Giron created pieces from SCRAP’s varied inventory, and were challenged to use specific unconventional materials in their works. Light refreshments and drinks will be provided, along with a make-and-take craft. All pieces will be for sale, benefiting future Re:Vision Gallery shows at SCRAP, as well as the artist.



Jess Tarr
Raised between California and Germany, Jess (°1988) launched her artistic career in Washington, DC where she moved to attend The Corcoran College or Art + Design and remained until 2014 after falling in love with opera singer, Jeffrey Tarr. Her art career took her to Berlin in 2014 where she lived and worked for two years, showing her work in solo and group shows throughout Berlin and Europe. The birth of her daughter, Brontë, brought her back to the USA in 2017 and she is currently establishing a studio in Denton, TX.
Jess (Jessika) Tarr creates paintings and drawings that are both playful and dark. Merging surreal narratives with figurative elements, her work is marked by fluid lines, a graphic aesthetic, and an illustrative seductiveness. Her pieces unfold like stories through a mix of fragmented portraiture, symbolism, and dream-related themes.

Brittany Shaban
I am a 2015 graduate of the CVAD program at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art and Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I plan to pursue a Masters in Art Education with a focus in Museum Studies come 2018. I am currently an art teacher at a small private school in Plano, Texas.
My work in photography has been diverse. I have since taken a step back from the medium to return to and explore my talents in figure drawing, painting, and mixed media.
My work has both feminine and comical qualities as I consider comedy to be synonymous to art. When working with the figure I consider both the vulnerability of the subject and the desirability of a youthful state of mind. In our adult lives, we wish both to play and to be taken seriously. I work with a variety of materials such as used fabrics and children’s toys in my work while also incorporating the figure. In using these sorts of materials, I find myself connecting with objects lost or even nostalgic. I believe that the recollection of memories is at the heart of desire. My most recent series will involve abstract interpretations of costumes and dress up from my childhood.

Cynthia Giron
I grew up in Houston’s southwest region. Both my parents immigrated from the country of El Salvador. As a child of immigrants, I understood the importance of a higher education. I was always making drawings as a child. I remember that art class was always my favorite. I’ve had color synesthesia ever since I was young, which is one of the reasons why color has always been a major part of my art. I attended Houston Community College after high school, it was while there that I seriously considered studying art and later transferred to the University of Saint Thomas.
I moved to downtown Houston while attending the University of Saint Thomas, where I earned a BA in Studio Art, with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. After graduation I knew I wanted more and worked on putting together a competitive portfolio to apply to graduate schools. I was accepted into a few schools but I went with my top choice which was The University of North Texas. While at UNT I look forward to developing my paintings and learning new interdisciplinary art skills and further my research in my own abstract artwork.
I work in an automatic way adding and subtracting until I find the end I wish to see. I enjoy experimenting with different types of mark making: markers, spray paint, ink stains etc. Sometimes in my experimentation when painting and drawing, I find wonderful accidents from which are built upon; but I try not to let any one mark become too precious. I enjoy my work being playful, imperfect and energetic.
Recently, I’ve discovered that marks and shapes begin to take on meaning or turn into characters. My interest in mark making drives me to try and resolve how marks are more than just a dot or a line, how together they can make mass or space and how color also influences how shapes or area is perceived. I want the marks to feel effortless yet purposeful, free but concentrated. I indulge myself by using bright fluorescent colors in my work; I’ve always felt an odd attraction to these colors. I love how they are attractive yet off-putting. I also make small sculptures; I work them in the same way as my paintings, starting with either clay or foam and subtracting and adding until I am pleased with them.

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