September 3rd. First Friday Denton

September 3rd. First Friday Denton

The next First Friday Denton is (at the very least) a “double-whammy” – a First Friday that is part of an official holiday weekend. It is a special opportunity for people who may not ordinarily think of Denton as a destination to get away from wherever they are and head to Denton for a three day weekend.

If you are a First Friday Denton participant, and are making special plans for the next First Friday Denton, or are planning your own vacation for that time – please let us know so that we can send the masses of fresh fall faces to those locations that will be open for the next First Friday on September 3rd.

We are constantly collecting photography from locations involved with First Friday Denton, and if you want your photographs included be sure to send them in .jpg format and tell us who took the photograph and who / what the photograph is of (a cutline).

Below are two recent images sent in from the cellar 22.

Popping a cork at the new cellar 22 in Denton, Texas. - courtesy Sharon Kremer

Cellar 22 has a cozy, intimate location in Denton that includes cigars and a smoking room. - courtesy Sharon Kremer

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