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First Friday of the New Year!

First Friday of the New Year!

The Original Place for First Friday Denton

FFD 2018 Forecast – Cold but Heating Up Eventually

Welcome all! It’s 2018, and we certainly have had some hard news between the last First Friday and this First Friday coming in two days!

The news is all about the sizable loss of real estate on the east side of the Historic Downtown Denton Square where Denton’s Mini Mall #1 once existed. A fire took it down in December, and although it leaves a huge scar, it is one that we know will heal over time. And actually, not only will this scar heal, there are a good number that believe what comes next will be an even greater benefit to the huge scene that is Downtown Denton, Texas.

For those of you who are just finding the source for information on First Friday Denton, be sure to also take time to visit the roaringly popular Facebook page – which is easy to access and update. We here at FFD, crave your photographs and video from a First Friday night, and will publish and give total credit and links (after it passes the editor’s desk).

This is likely to be a year where I put more time and effort into the promotion of First Friday Denton, now that the medical travails are a more distant memory. If you see me out there, be sure to say HI! – and most importantly LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, from your perspective – FOR First Friday Denton!

The FFD event is certainly over the hump, and established as a successful and continuing entity, as of January 2018, but for those of you who know me? I believe an event like this can always get better and bigger. But it won’t happen without your participation and cross-pollination of efforts.

So if YOU have a business, an exhibit, a band or event that coincides with Denton’s First Fridays; you know what to do — contact us, and we will put all effort to promote your participation. If you think you want to be a part of FFD’s – help in any way, or get plugged into a venue – again CONTACT US!

Thanks – Shannon Drawe, FFD Founder

First Friday Gearing Up for Fall 2015

First Friday Gearing Up for Fall 2015

Hello, and welcome to First Friday Denton. This event was created in 2010, and is still going strong all these years later. Yes, it seems like the wink of an eye ago – that I started this event, yet at the five year mark, it is time for me to step back from managing this event and let some fresh people with fresh energy and ideas take the lead in behalf of this event.

I recently sat down with Julie Glover and Christine Gossett to talk with them about the viability of First Friday Denton, and the medical necessity of stepping back from this event so that it will have people who will promote and support it well into the future. They are now an integral and vital part of First Friday Denton. They both expressed their support for the event, and you can believe that the changes they make will be for the betterment of First Friday Denton.

I truly believe one of the benefits of First Friday Denton is the fact that it came from the people, from merchants with an overwhelming desire to succeed in the tough business of retail in a creative community that is Denton, Texas. Robin Huttash, who owns A Creative Art Studio, is a prime example of an artist who knows how to wear the business “hat” and leverage First Friday Denton’s free publicity and organization to the fullest. She has always been involved and a hardcore supporter of this event.

And that’s why you will find Robin Huttash (“the civilian”) in charge of First Friday Denton (FFD) going forward. She’s the voice from the streets of Denton, the artist and business-person with savvy and experience in marketing First Friday Denton and her own business. For you Downtown Denton retailers who have yet to get involved with FFD, Robin is a great contact. Last spring Robin’s business did take a huge hit when a fire above her business caused significant damage to her business below. Nevertheless, they are on the rebuild, and we’re all anxious to see what comes from the new beginning of A Creative Art Studio in Denton, Texas.

As I said, medical necessity takes me away from FFD, but I am far from gone. Don’t be surprised to see me wandering through venues on any given First Friday, shooting photos and video of the event. I would be lying if I said I am not proud of the event and its successes. I am extremely happy to leave this event in capable and energetic hands of Robin Huttash, Julie Glover and Christine Gossett.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I will remain on board as the person behind the curtain, dealing with the running of this website and passing information back-and-forth as needed.

First Friday Denton Welcomes Robin Huttash as New Site Administrator

First Friday Denton Welcomes Robin Huttash as New Site Administrator

Robin Huttash - New Administrator at First Friday Denton
First Friday Administrator Robin Huttash at A Creative Art Studio.


I just wanted to take a minute and let the patrons, followers and fans of First Friday Denton know that Robin Huttash has is now an integral member of First Friday Denton, which includes being co-administrator of this site, and also an administrator at First Friday Denton’s facebook page.

Robin, in my view, has been the shining star in all that First Friday Denton is about. Since 2010, Robin has been a valuable supporter and believer in First Friday, and has parlayed her boundless efforts in behalf of her business, A Creative Art Studio, into every single First Friday event – bringing music, art demonstrations, and a plethora of other talents to the crowds that assemble in her business – EACH AND EVERY First Friday!

Bringing Robin on board was a no brainer for me, and as the event has grown, it has taken more brains than I possess – to run. Press releases, news and interesting queries come in just about every week nowadays, and once one or perhaps two things fell through the cracks, I knew it was time to get help. Robin to the rescue. Often times, it is more important to explain to those unknown contacts what First Friday is not, than what it actually is.

While Robin is versed in the operation and dissemination of information on this site, most of that information flows through me first, and then to her. At some point, we will be sharing the same information at the same time. If you fill out the contact page, and don’t get a timely response from me, please feel free to follow up with Robin.

And if you think you want to be a part of First Friday Denton, but don’t really know what that means, go by A Creative Art Studio on a First Friday night and you will see a shining example of how to be involved with First Friday Denton. Robin has set the highest bar, and that’s what it really is all about isn’t it?

Thanks Robin, and welcome aboard.