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Summertime First Friday in Denton Texas

Summertime First Friday in Denton Texas

Summer is upon us, and that’s when the days get longer and the nights get cooler. This First Friday is no different, so be sure to come check out the happenings Friday, June 7, in Denton.

Rusty’s Taco is now open, and they were packed last night. Be sure to make the rounds and check them – and all the First Friday participants – out tomorrow evening.

We do have one less business, as Cellar 22 is now closed. As is typical in any area; with loss comes gain, and we can’t wait to see what comes next for that location on Hickory street. There’s a lot happening down Hickory, and there’s a lot still to happen along that strip of buildings, so take a stroll down that way, or walk off the Rusty’s Taco Friday evening!

If your business is part of the First Friday event, please feel free to let us know what you’re up to tomorrow! Summertime is the right time to get involved with First Friday Denton if you’ve been thinking about being a part of First Friday – with your business, or as a volunteer, or a creative content volunteer provider.

Map of Participants Updated for Tonight

Map of Participants Updated for Tonight

View First Friday Denton, Texas in a larger map

This map is constantly available on the “Map” page, but I wanted to put it front-and-center for tonight’s First Friday Denton event. For those new participants mentioned in Lucinda Breeding’s article, feel free to contact us, and we can do a lot more to feature you on this site. I believe I have most of you on the map, although I am awaiting information to apply to other new points on the map.

Everyone feel free to send photographs in from your First Friday Evening, and we can probably handle video and audio files if you let me know what file types/sizes you will be sending.

And remember – we are the original, one and only First Friday Denton! We welcome all First Friday Denton participants.

Be sure and like First Friday Denton on Facebook, and check out Lucinda Breeding’s article on First Friday Denton as well.

First Friday Rolls on Through a Denton Summer

First Friday Rolls on Through a Denton Summer

Denton’s sleepy summers are legend, and this one’s about half over already!

There’s no doubt there is a bigger spring in Denton’s step when all 47-thousand of UNT and TWU’s students are present and roaming our stores, galleries, restaurants and related services. It’s all just bart of the ebb and flow of Denton though, and you can’t have one without the other.

We are working on some new venues for artists and groups of artists who want to show work for First Friday events, but a lot of the contacts are away on vacation. So, hang in there if you are one of the groups, or individuals looking for a venue … these things are simmering just like an egg on a sidewalk around the Square.

First Friday always welcomes follow up reports on who came by their location on First Friday, and how things went from their perspective. Eventually, we hope to have a social post after each First Friday of all your photographs from your location’s First Friday Denton event. Here are some from A Creative Art STUDIO.

First Friday July at A Creative Art STUDIO