Tell me again…What is First Friday?

Tell me again…What is First Friday?

So the questions that have been asked: What is First Friday? Where is First Friday? How can we participate?

Once upon a time… No really, we do have a short story to tell. A couple of years ago my sister Lou Kregel was in town from Athens, Georgia and was talking about how on the first Friday of each month local artists would gather in a space near the railroad (nick named the railroad arts district) and set up their work. Food and music were usually part of the scene as you might imagine, it being Athens Georgia.  We also discovered that many communities across the country have first Friday scenes, and my husband Shannon and I said to ourselves out loud: “This would be perfect for Denton!” I know so many artists and craftspeople that do not have a bricks and mortar storefront, but have customers that want to see their work. Our thoughts were that an event like “First Friday” would be and easy to remember event and a time that locals artists and craftspeople could pair up with non-art venues and set up their work. The artists would bring new clientele into the venue and the venue would bring new customers to the artist- a win/win situation for both! Shops that had art related businesses could participate with late hours, opening receptions, music, house specials or whatever. We (Shannon) set up the website that you are on right now- and we started talking to people around the square. Our initial thought was that First Friday has to be in a general area, and the square and the blocks around the square made sense. Since that first start up a couple of years ago, Robin Huttash at A Creative Studio has consistently participated and grown the event into a community happening. We were there last Friday- April 1, and she told me she is being contacted by musicians as far away as New York wanting to play at her First Friday event sometime. That night A Creative Studio was crowded with customers watching the artists demonstrations, listening to the music, buying art and making that part of the square come alive!

So the question now:  How can we participate? If you have a storefront in the general area of the square, stay open late on the First Friday of the month (till 9 or 10 pm), invite an artist in to show their work if you can and want to, and offer refreshments if you can and want to, advertise if you can and want to, and e-mail Shannon no later than the week before the event to let him post the info on the website. KERA will also air the event in their Arts and Seek Calendar. If you are an artist or crafts person, we will share your name and what you do with folks that have the storefront and the two of you can work out the details of your collaboration.  If you are neither of the above- get out on the first Friday of the month and go to the square and have fun! Bring some money and support locals businesses and local artisans and artists.


All the contact information is here on the website- or you can give us a call (940-390-2873) and Shannon or I can meet with you and get you into the First Friday community.



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