Two Years On

Two Years On

Well January marks the completion of two years for the event known as First Friday Denton. And what an amazing and uplifting two years it has been for those still involved with First Friday Denton.

Two years ago, the country was still in the midst of an economic meltdown of epic proportions, but with virtually nothing to lose, and everything to gain, we rolled the dice with a new event; a grassroots grown event that has to this day received no funding of any sort by the City of Denton, or its participants. It just goes to show you some good things just can’t be bought.

While the FFD site continues to evolve, and businesses come and go as they always have, one thing remains constant – First Friday Denton is still the premiere ongoing monthly event happening in Denton, Texas. I hope you are as proud to be a part of it as I still am.

FFD still has needs; a logo, art and printing of participants posters would be on my wish list for this year. We are emphasizing the needrequirement for incoming links from everyone who has links reaching them from this site. Those should be in by the end of February, and you can e mail me with your url (where the link is found) at your earliest convenience. It doesn’t cost anything, and if you need help with your website – building, rebuilding or adding a link – be sure to let me know, and I will make that happen for you.

Website design of all sorts is available from me, and you can find more information about that here – Shannon Drawe Photography Website Design Service. I would much rather toot your horns, so feel free to send in your articles, photography, featured items, coupons and anything else you like so that I can get it on the site in time for February’s First Friday. If you have any Valentine themed artwork – SEND IT IN!

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